The Best Office Chairs in 2020 for Your Home Office

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Sitting at a desk for hours can be uncomfortable and lead to plenty of discomfort. Here are the best office chairs for your home office.

How to Apply “Keep it Simple, Stupid” Principle In Your Life

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“Keep it simple, stupid” is a popular principle that can be used in all facets of life. Let’s look at how to apply the KISS concept to your life.

Should You Take Naps During the Day?

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Naps have always been stigmatized as being unnecessary but researches say otherwise. Here’s why you should take naps during the day.

How to Let Go of Things that Cause Stress

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One of the few guarantees you will experience is stress. Learn how you can better manage it and let go of the things that cause stress.

Best Chrome Extensions to Stay Organized

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Browser extensions can help you to be productive and remove distractions. Here are the best Chrome extensions to help you stay organized.

The Best Productivity Audiobooks You Can Listen to on Your Commute

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If you are struggling to find the time to read a book, an audiobook will work out well. Get started with the best productivity audiobooks today.

4 of the Best Self-Improvement Books You Have to Read

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There are plenty of available self-help books. Here are some of the best self-improvement books you should pick up today.

How to Multitask Like a Pro on iPad

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Apple has introduced plenty of features to make the iPad a powerful device for productivity. This tutorial shows how to multitask on the iPad.

Self-Empowerment Tricks You Should Pick Up

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Everyone has some insecurities and fears. The good thing is you can make use of these self-empowerment tricks to conquer your fear.

Best Budget Office Chairs Under $200

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You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good office chair. Here are some of the best budget office chairs for under $200.