Top Reasons to Embrace a Minimalism Lifestyle

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Embracing minimalism has grown in popularity over the years. The idea of ditching some of your possessions can be attractive. It can also be equally overwhelming. The reality is that you don’t need to sacrifice everything to live a minimalist lifestyle. Instead, it’s more a frame of mind as much as it is a way of life. Embracing minimalism enables you to appreciate the things you have more than you would have prior to switching to a minimalist lifestyle. Here are the top reasons you should embrace minimalism.

Less Clutter Means Less Stress

One of the major tenets of a minimalism lifestyle is to have less stuff. Minimalism is not about some image of a person living in the woods without life’s major conveniences, such as running water. Instead, it’s about not having a constant need for fulfillment with material things.

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The more you fill your house with, the less space you will have. We all know the feeling of jammed cabinets and closets and the frustrations that can lead to as we buy more stuff. There is so much less stress when you feel like you have less visual clutter to clean and manage. As studies show that clutter can release a stress hormone, introducing minimalism into your lifestyle is an easy way to quickly reduce stress levels.

More Money in Your Pockets

When you commit to embracing the minimalist lifestyle, you tend to make significantly fewer material purchases. Not only does that mean less clutter, but it also means more money in your pocket. Rather than buying anything and everything you want, you become more focused on buying only what you really need.

Do you want to put money away to travel and make new memories? Perhaps there is a hobby you have been meaning to take up that requires an investment. Maybe you want to get fit and add an exercise machine to your home but never could find the space. All of these opportunities and more will be available thanks to refocusing your spending habits on a more minimalist way of life.

Save the Environment 

There is no question that over consumption has led to some significant impacts on the global climate. A 2016 study published in the Journal in Industrial Ecology noted that household consumption is responsible for more than 60 percent of GHG emissions. That is an eye-popping number that should quickly move people into the minimalist lifestyle camp.

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As the world struggles to reverse the impacts of over consumption, minimalism and the reduction of clutter is one way you can do your part. As part of the buying process, looking at environmental impacts can become a major factor. Even simple tasks like making the move from paper books to digital media or DVDs for streaming can be a good place to start. Keep your clothes until they don’t wear well anymore and keep your car until you absolutely need a new one. These are all ways to ease the impact on the global climate.

More Time for Yourself

As odd as it might sound, minimalism can add more free time to your day. Before you buy something,, you have to decide what to buy. You need to research availability, competitive products, search for discounts, work to pay for it and then bring it home. After you bring it home, you have to use it, store it, take care of it, organize it somewhere, etc. No matter how simple the product or item, all of these tasks require time and energy.

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The more time you have for yourself, the better. For example, if you are trying to buy a sofa, you need to research the type of sofa, go and look at different showrooms to try them out and then wait for it to be delivered. Do you absolutely need a new sofa or is it more of a want? Answering these questions will help you get hours back in your day.

Less Housework

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The idea of doing less housework isn’t the top reason to embrace a minimalism lifestyle, but it’s up there. Housework is often a daily chore or task that both adults and children engage in all over the world. The less you own, the less time you need to spend taking care of your house. This leads directly back to having more time for yourself. The fewer appliances or items you have on a kitchen or bathroom counter, the less time you need to spend cleaning that counter. With every step you take to reduce the amount of time spent on housework thanks to minimalism, you can reinvest that time in your hobbies, spending time with family, etc.

Clarity About What Is Important

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One of the best aspects and biggest reasons to go minimalist is to get clarity on what is truly important in life. This lifestyle will help you rid yourself of material things that distract you, are sources of stress or just generally take up too much space. However, minimalism can be so much more. It will help you take a look at your schedule and remove commitments, meetings or activities that take up unnecessary time. Ultimately, this is an opportunity to look at time that is better served doing something else. Once again, this redirects right back to having more time for yourself, which provides even more clarity about how minimalism should be embraced.

Final Thoughts on a Minimalism Lifestyle

Not everyone will want to embrace the minimalist lifestyle. There are many people who enjoy material possessions and don’t want to surrender them. For those who want to go down a path that embraces minimalism, the benefits can be well worth it. Everything from having more time on your calendar and less stress to doing your part for the environment will make you feel better in countless ways.

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