7 Types of Journals that Will Help You

7 Different Journal Types Featured

Whether it’s a new year’s resolution or a new you, journaling is a fantastic way to put thoughts on paper. There is no shortage of journal options to help you keep all of your thoughts and ideas in one place. How much time you spend journaling is entirely up to you – the important factor is whether you’re going to be journaling about your travel, goals, food, etc. Let’s take a look at some of the many types of journals that will help you. 

1. The Travel Journal

7 Different Journal Types Travel

Photographs can tell you a lot about your travels around the world, but it’s easy to forget details years later. That’s why a journal to record all of your travels can be so invaluable. It can include details of where you stayed, what you ate, spots you visited, etc. You can even include details of plans for your trip. A travel journal is just as valuable before as it is after a trip. After the trip, many people turn their journals into travel blogs that they want to share with the world or with friends and family. The journal can help you remember all of the small details when it comes time to writing a blog post. 

2. The Gratitude Journal

7 Different Journal Types Positivity

Throughout the course of a day, it’s too easy to forget all the good that can and does happen. A gratitude journal can help remind you of all of the good that happens both to you and because of you throughout your life. Want to keep a journal for all of the things you are thankful for? You can do that. How about a journal where you list five things every day that were positive. It can impact your mental health in a strong way. Focusing on the good can help remind you that even when you are stressing or close to burnout, there is plenty of good around you. 

3. A Thought A Day

7 Different Journal Types One Thought

One interesting approach to journaling that few people try is the idea of a thought a day. These types of journals can be a dedicated journal or just as easily a standard journal book. The idea is pretty straightforward: capture one thought a day, every day. It can be anything related to you or your world. Did your child take their first steps, or did you get engaged? How about a big promotion? Whatever the topic is, record one thought a day on anything that is meaningful in the moment and enter it in the journal to create a fantastic record to look back on years later. 

4. Food Journal

Whether you are just starting an eating schedule or beginning to track your health, a food journal is a great help. Track calories, sugar, nutrients and everything in between. Perhaps you use a food journal as an opportunity to stick to an eating schedule. These types of journals are ideal for planning your meals,making notes for meals you would like to try, or to list restaurants you can indulge in on cheat days or with cheat meals. No matter how you use it, a food journal will help you visualize all of the changes you are making and help you get and stay healthier.

5. Goals Journal

7 Different Journal Types Grass Writing

Used as your sole journal or alongside other types of journals, a goal journal has a very specific purpose: it’s solely used for writing down things you hope to achieve. It could be anything, such as goals at work, places you want to visit or your bucket list and can be bulleted entries ot more detailed writings. You can also journal to keep track of your progress, such as learning a new language or getting fit. This is a great opportunity to track those goals in a private and keepsake way you can refer back to years later.

6. Photo Journal

Digital media is all the rage these days and with cloud options aplenty, photo journals may be a thing of the past. However, they are a perfect way to create a unique memory book that doesn’t require a login and a password. It doesn’t even have to be about a big event like a wedding or birthday. A photo journal can just as easily be memories of family, friends, etc. It’s one thing to see pictures online, but to physically see them printed out and have notes surrounding each photo adds a heightened level of sentiment and emotion. Photo journals are memories that can be passed down through different generations. 

7. Brainstorming Journal

Writing A Bukket List

Remember that time you came up with a million dollar idea and forgot it two hours later? That happens to the best of us, but thanks to brainstorming journals, you can quickly write down everything about this idea. It doesn’t have to be for Shark Tank level ideas that can make you rich. It could be things you want to do around the house or at work. Brainstorming is a broad word, so don’t allow this journal to be limited in its scope. Eventually, you will come back to these ideas, flesh out the ones that make the most sense and act on them.

Final Thoughts

Journals have a long and deeply personal history and for very good reason. They can be as effective as they are meaningful. These seven types of journals are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to topics. Everything from art to books and movies or friendship journals can help you capture various aspects of your life in a way that photos cannot do justice. How do you like to journal?

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