About Onlinetivity

We live in a world of information. At any given moment, we can reach into our pockets, click a link, or even just utter the name ‘Alexa’ or ‘Siri’ to get answers to whatever burning (or not-so-burning) questions sneak into our heads.

Our minds are constantly buzzing with the chirp of message notifications, news feeds, and a million other things that pull us away from productivity and our pursuits of the things we want to achieve, however big or small.

Yes, it’s exciting to live in a time where there’s so much information at our fingertips, but it’s also a time of endless distraction.

Onlinetivity is dedicated to helping you find ways to manage the noise of today’s tech-based world, and to “work smarter and live better”.

From mindfulness tips, to science of the mind and psychology, to interviews with influential people who have found success in their lives by overcoming distraction, our content is researched and written to inspire a better work ethic.

Whether you’re a homeworker, self-starter, or full-time employee who wants to pursue creative projects on the side, Onlinetivity can help you focus, self-organize, and unlock your productivity.