New Year’s Resolution Apps to Hold You Accountable

New Year’s Resolution Apps Sparkle

New year – new me. We all tend to make a bunch of New Year’s resolutions, but as months start to pass, it’s too easy to drop the resolve. Fortunately, we live in a digital age that can support your betterment, even when you want to get really specific about your resolutions, such as getting fit, saving money, finding a new job, etc. The following New Year’s resolution apps may be your best allies on your self-improvement journey.

Lose Weight with MyFitnessPal

A good number of people want to manage their weight better in the new year. With MyFitnessPal (Android and iOS), you can keep track of the calories you consume, thanks to its database of more than 6 million different foods.

New Years Resolution Apps Weight

Key features:

  • Keep track of your food, water intake, and nutrients, count calories, scan product barcodes, and more
  • Choose and set your own personalized goals
  • Connect it to more than 50 other devices and apps
  • Choose your own exercises from a database of 350+ different ones
  • Log your sessions and track the daily steps
  • Join the community for more tips and motivation
  • Take progress photos and view the graph of your journey

Get Fit with J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

If you’re interested in getting fit and exercising, simply install the J&J Official 7 Minute Workout (Android and iOS). It’s ideal for people who never seem to find enough time for exercising, as it will let you choose a range of effective workouts in sessions from as short as 7 minutes up to 32 minutes. Working out for even seven minutes is still better than working out for zero minutes.

New Years Resolution Apps Exercise

Key Features:

  • Choose between 22 preset workouts of different intensity
  • Set the time between 7 and 32 minutes
  • Customize your own sessions with 72 available exercises
  • Boost motivation with the Smart Workout feature
  • Target specific areas on the body
  • Watch videos to master the exercises
  • Set reminders for your workout sessions

Eat Healthy with Fooducate

Those of you who want to have a healthier diet in the new year can find great benefit in the Fooducate app (Android and iOS). Scan in barcodes to receive nutrition information as well as healthier alternatives for your favorite foods.

New Years Resolution Apps Food

Key Features:

  • Track the nutritional values of your meals (carbs, protein, fats), quality of calories, exercise, and more
  • 250,000 product barcodes can be scanned
  • Learn the nutritional value of the food post-scanning
  • Receive healthier food suggestions
  • Enjoy plenty of diet and weight loss tips from the experts
  • Learn all about healthy eating

Better Health with FollowMyHealth

In order to keep track of your health, basic information, and your doctors’ appointments, FollowMyHealth (Android and iOS) is a great app to start with.

New Years Resolution Apps Health

Key Features:

  • Access your lab and test results
  • Renew your drug prescriptions
  • Get in touch with your healthcare providers
  • Schedule your next doctor’s appointment
  • Available online 24/7

Quit Smoking with MyQuitCoach or Stop Smoking

It’s easier said than done to quit smoking. If this is your New Year’s resolution, you could benefit from both MyQuit Coach (iOS) and Stop Smoking (Android) apps that offer personalized plans.

New Years Resolution Apps Cigarette

Key Features:

  • Keep track of just how close you are to a completely smoke-free life
  • Check the amount of money you’ve saved by not buying cigarettes
  • Get approximate info about the prolonged life expectancy without smoking
  • Enjoy regular rewards for not smoking
  • Observe a timeline of health benefits after being smoke-free

Become a Better Person with Grid Diary or Journey

We all want to become better people, but sometimes it’s difficult to understand how to do that. This is where the Grid Diary (iOS) and Journey (Android) apps can help. You can also customize your entries.

New Years Resolution Apps Gratitude

Key Features:

  • Learn about journaling as a beginner
  • Keep track of your entries via map, calendar, or timeline
  • Receive regular journaling prompts
  • Enjoy daily inspirational quotes
  • Practice gratitude on a daily basis
  • Reflect on the relationships in your life
  • Make your mind healthier

Find a Better Job with LinkedIn

If you’re looking for a new, better job, you honestly can’t go wrong with LinkedIn (Android and iOS), as it connects you with prospective employers and other people in the niche you’re interested in.

New Years Resolution Apps Job

Key Features:

  • Find job offers that suit your skillset
  • Connect with other people and companies
  • Use your LinkedIn profile to apply for jobs or submit your own resume
  • Learn about specific job details
  • Engage in social networking for business

Save Money with Mint

Many people turn to New Year’s resolutions to be more budget-conscious in the following year. If you need help with your budgeting decisions, install the Mint app (Android and iOS) and add you bank info.

New Years Resolution Apps Money

Key Features:

  • Have your bills, budget, and financial planner all in one place
  • Manage your bills and keep track of your account balance
  • Save money through smarter budgeting
  • Get your free credit score
  • Apply for refinancing loans
  • Save time as you manage your finances

Time Management with Productive and Smarter Time

We have already listed some efficient time-tracking apps that can help you utilize your day better. For a visual representation of positive time-based habits, choose the Productive (iOS) and Smarter Time (Android) apps.

New Years Resolution Apps Time

Key Features:

  • Log your daily schedule
  • View analytics to understand how you spend time
  • Keep track of your main distractions
  • Set goals to develop habits
  • Work toward the ideal work-life balance
  • Keep track of your sleep

Self-Improvement with BetterHelp

Constructive therapy sessions are the quickest and surest road to take when seeking self improvement and personal growth. And these days, you can have personal sessions via phone. For instance, BetterHelp (Android and iOS) allows you to connect to a licensed therapist via text, video, and/or audio.

New Years Resolution Apps Growth

Key Features:

  • More than 10,000 licensed therapists and counselors
  • Specific therapies, such as DBT, CBT, and more
  • Minimize your stress and anxiety levels
  • One-on-one 100 percent private sessions
  • Join the constructive group webinars
  • Properly deal with your depression, OCD, PTSD, and any other mental illness

As you engage in the activities that will help you fulfill your New Year’s resolutions, remember that you also deserve some much-needed “me time” in order to stay on the right track. Goals are important, but so is self-care. Not every day has to be 100 percent productive in order for you to be successful in the long run. 

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