How to Master a Leonardo da Vinci To-Do List

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Productivity To Do List Things

There’s actual science behind making effective to-do lists and why they work. And we all have our own way to create a to-do list, be it on a post-it note, bullet journal, specific app, etc. In general, creating a comprehensive to-do list is rather simple and straightforward. But sometimes it’s the extra touch of creativity and personality that can make a straightforward practice more effective. In that sense, we can all learn from the geniuses of our world and utilize the ins and outs of a Leonardo da Vinci to-do list for our own goals. Let’s see how his lists and habits helped him achieve such greatness.

You Should Always Have a Notebook with You

There have been many great people who carried a notebook with them wherever they went, just like Leonardo da Vinci. This group includes Beethoven, Isaak Newton, and John D. Rockefeller, just to name a few. The need to do this was fairly obvious to them – write everything down. Every thought, every idea, every sentence you like, every single bit of inspiration, the individuals you meet – it all deserves to be written down. Namely, when you write things down, you remember them, and you’re more inclined to get back to the things you wrote and act on them.

Leonardo Da Vincis Productivity To Do List Notebook

With the habit to jot down everything you find interesting, your to-do lists will also get more comprehensive, inspiring, and productive. And if an actual notebook is not your thing, you can always use a note-taking app on your phone.

The Most Random Thoughts and Doodles Have Value

Regardless of the type of job you have, you will always need some creativity and freedom to promote your productivity. What’s more, some people even refrain from making to-do lists because they feel too rigid. That said, don’t hesitate to let your mind roam free as you write things down in your notebook.

Leonardo Da Vincis Productivity To Do List Write

You never know where your random thoughts and doodles can take you. It’s these things that inspire new projects and ideas, considerably more so than keeping things all professional and straightforward. What’s more, creating a to-do list while including the processes of your creativity will make this concept more approachable, less challenging, and definitely more interesting.

Nurture Your Curiosity

Different people have a different curiosity type. And whatever yours may be, it’s crucial that you nurture it and let it grow. Making the most out of your curious nature will get you into the habit of learning new things and using them for your own benefit. For instance, one entry on a Leonardo da Vinci to-do list simply stated: “Describe the tongue of the woodpecker.”

Leonardo Da Vincis Productivity To Do List Stars

Don’t hesitate to add a line to your own to-do list every time you feel curious about something. Satisfying your curiosity is one of the most effective ways to boost your productivity and motivation, as it releases happy chemicals in your brain.

Don’t Fear the Big Goals

It’s important to be very careful and pragmatic about setting goals, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid big goals at all costs – quite the contrary. Having a big goal on your to-do list may encourage you to pursue it. When you decide to leave out the big goals from your to-do lists, you’re basically sending yourself a message that you can’t do it and that you should forget about it, which is not beneficial for your sense of worth or productivity. But simply having such a goal in mind is already a clear sign that you want to achieve it.

Leonardo Da Vincis Productivity To Do List Believe

One considerably big goal that repeats itself in Leonardo da Vinci to-do list originals was to “Draw Milan.” Whatever this big goal may be for you, having it on your to-do list will give you the courage to actually give it a go. It will help you make long-term improvements, set powerful habits, and become realistic in your actions, as well as develop the much-needed resiliency for all sorts of goals, both long term and short term.

Whether or not you prescribe to the idea of creating a Leonard da Vinci to-do list, it can’t be argued that the method worked for him. Look at all he accomplished! Just as adding a creative twist such as his method to your to-do lists can help you boost productivity, you may also try creating break lists for the same purpose. In the end, it’s possible to add interest and personality to every part of your day, including your free time. The ultimate goal is to find a to-do list option that will work for you and not make you feel like it’s just one more chore you have to do.

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