Healthy Alternatives to Coffee: Drinks and Habits

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Coffee might taste good and its effects on your body may make you feel great for a while, but it has one downside: caffeine content. The biggest problem with caffeine is its high level of addictiveness. It’s a drug and like any other drug, your body develops immunity against it over time. You’ll have to drink more to get the same feeling you crave, and that’s how your journey into caffeine addiction begins. One of the best ways to quit coffee is to substitute it with healthy alternatives. These include drinks, supplements, and actions – that give the same effects without the side effects.

Other Drinks and Supplements


Coffee Alternatives Teecino

This drink is made of herbs, grains, fruits, and nuts and tastes just like coffee. However, it does not contain caffeine, so it is not addictive. Although the drink has barley, after brewing, it’s gluten-free.

Green Tea

Coffee Alternatives Green Tea

Green tea is known for the extra energy it gives and its health-boosting ability. You can either brew it yourself or go for a branded one. Even though it does not contain sugar like many energy drinks, it tastes good enough for you to drink cup after cup. The best part is that you can drink it with ice cubes on a hot day.


Coffee Alternatives Ltheannine

If you find yourself consuming coffee to cope with stress or an excessive workload, you can try L-Theanine, which is a nootropic pill. Taking this pill helps to prevent stress because of its de-stressing and anti-inflammatory properties. Ingredients used to make the supplement can be found in green tea, plants, and fungi. 

Develop Healthy Habits

Get Adequate Sleep

Have you wondered why you feel refreshed, reinvigorated, and re-energized after a good night’s rest? It’s because our whole system resets itself during sleep. The average human needs seven to nine hours of sleep to function properly every day. 

Coffee Alternatives Sleep

Also, 30 minutes of  deep sleep can boost your productivity by up to 34 percent or more, and it can also boost your alertness by 54 percent. Without adequate sleep, drinking coffee will only make your situation worse. It’s what makes sleep one of the best healthy alternatives for coffee.

Engage in daily exercise

Coffee Alternatives Exercise

Working out daily will not only keep you fit, it will boost your productivity as well. Several studies have shown this.

You can even can do a little test. Start your day with 30 minutes of exercise and jot down all you’re able to achieve that day. Do it for three consecutive days. Jot down all you’re able to do. For the following three days, don’t do any exercise, but don’t forget to jot down all you are able to achieve. Now compare the two. You’ll realize that you achieved more in the earlier three days.


Coffee Alternatives Medication

Another healthy alternative to coffee is to do some early morning meditation. A 10-minute quiet time is okay. It clears your head, and a clear head is always followed by a creative/innovative mind, and the combination breeds productive hands. In fact, a 20-minute meditation session is likely to boost your productivity more than two cups of coffee.


Not sure whether you’ve developed a coffee dependence? Then you should try diagnosing yourself by withdrawing for a couple of days to assess your body’s reaction. If your body displays withdrawal symptoms, then it’s best to set in motion steps to resolve the dependence. For example, if you find yourself often going to the coffee shop before work, then it’s time to make some changes. You can start by putting any of these healthy alternatives to coffee into play.

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