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Are you feeling more anxious than usual lately? There are likely many reasons for that including a global pandemic, political turmoil and work/life balances that are finding a new “normal” in 2020. Because of all of these things and more, finding a way to relax and strengthen your mental health is more critical than ever. One of the most promising relaxation methods for centuries has been meditation and for good reason. These meditation apps will help you de-stress and clear your mind so you are ready to take on whatever life has to throw at you.

1. Insight Timer

Offering a large library with thousands of pre-recorded guided meditation sessions, Insight Timer is an excellent way to introduce yourself to meditation.

Best Free Meditation Apps Insight Timer

Available on both Android and iOS, the app refines your meditation sessions based on how much time you have to practice. This helps make Insight Timer one of the best apps for anyone who needs to vary their schedule from day to day. Guided meditation sessions are led by experts and well-known “yogis.” You can rest easier knowing you’re being taught by someone who truly understands what meditation is all about. The app itself is free, though in-app purchases are available for premium features. Throw in a social community to lean on for support, and it’s clear to see why this app is so popular. 

2. Headspace

Within seconds of downloading and entering the Headspace meditation app, you will immediately be captured by its colorful interface and thoughtful design. This app is certainly designed for meditation newbies who can use a class on all of the relevant meditation fundamentals.

Best Free Meditation Apps Headspace

Headspace’s “Chief Music Officer,” singer John Legend, helps provide some of the music that gets you into the right frame of mind. Once you are there, you can choose from just about any experience level or lifestyle so that you can fit meditation into your schedule.

Do you want to do a three-minute session just to center yourself during the day? Headspace welcomes that. Are you losing focus during the day due to stress? Try one of 12 different Focus music stations to help clear your mind. Morning and evening courses are also available to help you get started in the morning or end your day restfully. Available on iOS and Android, Headspace is free to download with a premium subscription for more features. 

3. Simple Habit

It’s understandable to think you will never find the time to practice meditation. The reality is that you can find the time, When you do, Simple Habit is here to help you practice meditation the right way. Available on Android and iOS, a good chunk of the app’s features are available for free. The app is best known for its large number of five-minute meditation sessions to help you relieve yourself of stress and mental anguish.

Best Free Meditation Apps Simple Habit

Do you have time for a longer session? Simple Habit can help you there as well. Pick how much time you have, choose a class and meditate away. Should you opt for the premium subscription, you can download sessions for offline listening and receive access to some exclusive series. Last but not least are the popular bedtime stories to help take your mind off the world around you and get some well-deserved rest. 

4. Serenity

Introduced in 2020, Serenity is available on Android and iOS and offers one of the widest selections of free content. The app starts you off with easy-to-follow instructions and 10-minute sessions to help you with the basics of meditation. A bounty of sleep guides are also available to help you use meditation to relax your whole body and mind so you can easily fall asleep at night.

Best Free Meditation Apps Serenity

Do you have kids? Serenity is one of a handful of apps to include meditation sessions focused on children. These sessions are shorter and more simplified for a younger age group while still providing all of the benefits of guided meditation. Should you want to upgrade to a premium subscription, one is available with monthly or biannually fees. 

5. Oak

Oak is a lesser-known meditation app but deserves much more praise, especially with an attractive interface. With yoga breathing exercises, guided and unguided meditations as well as background tracks to help you relax, Oak is well worth the download on iOS.

Best Free Meditation Apps Oak

What it lacks in volume, Oak more than makes up for it with customization and its free price tag. Do you want to track your progress as you go? Oak has you covered as you go through guided sessions that range from five to 30 minutes. Unguided sessions can go even longer, lasting from five minutes to 24 hours. Perhaps Oak’s best aspect is how it teaches you simple breathing exercises that can be performed on the go. The only premium purchase is a 10-day mantra meditation course which costs a one-time fee of $5.99. 

6. Smiling Mind

Developed in Australia, Smiling Mind has spread throughout the world as one of the best free meditation apps. Incredibly comprehensive, Smiling Mind starts you off with everything you need to know to help familiarize yourself with meditation.

Best Free Meditation Smiling Mind

The app, available on iOS and Android, includes programs for adults, young adults and kids ages 3 to 18. No matter the age, there are helpful lessons for the classroom and work and lessons on how to sleep better. After surveying you to assess your level of happiness, Smiling Mind will then tailor its sessions. Suggesting at least 10 minutes a day to see real benefits, Smiling Mind is not-for-profit, allowing it to charge its over 5 million users absolutely nothing.

Wrapping Up

Meditation has long been a way to a healthy and easy-to-maintain mindfulness regimen and can also prevent you from becoming a workaholic during this work-from-home period. These meditation apps will help you to be better and more productive.

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