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When it comes to getting things done, your web browser can be your best friend. It’s a tool we cannot live without and something that many people make a living using. With the right extensions, you can be productive and also remove any distractions from your day. 

1. Pocket (Save to Pocket) 

Best Chrome Extensions Organization Pocket

All too often you will be browsing the Web and will come across an article you want to read. You can use Pocket and stay organized by keeping everything you want to read in one place. When the workday is over or the kids are in bed, open the Pocket website and start reading. The Chrome extension makes saving articles as easy as one click. What could be any less time-consuming? Pocket is the de facto king of read-later apps and for good reason. 

2. Google Keep

One of the most popular note-taking apps, Google Keep needs little introduction to fans of Google’s suite of apps. Primarily a tool for taking notes or creating to-do lists, Keep is an organizer’s dream extension. Do you want to save images and refer to them later? How about pages or notes and refer to them the next day? All of that is possible but that’s not all. Keep is a great way to keep track of any quick notes you have captured and want to keep for later.

Best Chrome Extensions Organization Google Keep

Once you are inside Keep, lists can be color-coded for even more organization, allowing you to choose one color for work and one for personal. Last but not least is Keep’s ability to add location-based reminders which can sync to the smartphone apps be displayed when you arrive at your location. 

3. BitWarden

There are few things more useful for organization than a password manager. Trying to remember all of your passwords for every site you have ever logged into is nearly impossible. Instead, look to use the BitWarden extension and never have to remember a password again. Secure login credentials are saved not only across the Chrome extension, but all of your devices. Instead of a notebook with passwords all written down, a password manager can keep you organized while creating passwords that are highly secure.

Best Chrome Extensions Organization Bitwarden

As an open-source application, BitWarden is one of the most-loved password managers, and because anyone can check its code, security is at the core of its application. When you need a password, the Chrome extension can autofill for you and you remain organized as ever. 

4. Organizely

Best Chrome Extensions Organization Organizely

If you’re someone who is constantly downloading documents, spreadsheets or powerpoints for review, a download manager is a necessity. It’s all too easy for downloads to pile up and, after a while, any hope of organization is all but lost. That’s where Organizely comes in.

Instead of all of your downloads going to a single download folder, Organizely keeps files organized by processing new files automatically. If there is a website you frequently download from, set a rule for it and add every download to one specific folder. Add another folder for another online source and so on. Do you just want one folder for temporary downloads? The Organizely extension can handle that as well. That Organizely works with popular download sources like Gmail, Facebook and Outlook just makes it even more a must-have extension. 

5. OneTab

It’s far too easy to get lost on the Internet and end up with a dozen website tabs sitting in your browser. Eventually, it will get to a point where you have so many tabs open, you will start to lose track of what you do need and feelings of disorganization start to set in. OneTab to the rescue. The next time you find yourself with too many tabs, click on the OneTab Chrome extension, and it will convert all open tabs into a list.

Best Chrome Extensions Organization Onetab

When you are ready to access those tabs again, click into the Chrome extension and restore them all at once or one site at a time. Not only will this keep you organized, but it will also reduce the amount of memory Chrome is using at once. In other words, this tab is just as good for you as it is for your computer. 

6. Speed Dial 2

Best Chrome Extensions Organization Speed Dial

For anyone who uses the Web, there is a good chance you visit a number of the same sites with regular frequency. One of the best ways to stay organized is to forget typing in the URL all of the time. Instead, add all of those frequently visited pages to your new tab page. Enter Speed Dial 2. The intuitive design adds large squares for all of your favorite and frequently visited sites. If you use Gmail, Facebook and Wikipedia frequently, add them to this page. Then you are one click away from them at all times. No tricks or anything fancy here, just good old-fashioned organization. 

7. Todoist

Best Chrome Extensions Organization Todoist

Taking organization and to-dos one step further than Google Keep, Todoist is one of the most popular extensions for organization. Elegant to use, you can quickly manage your to-do list right from the Chrome extension. Want to pop in to the Todoist website to get even more organized? The Chrome extension can help you do that as well. When you have deadlines to track or reminders to check off, this app keeps your work and personal life organized. Color-code your projects and take your organization to the next level. 


If you are looking to reach a higher level of organization, there is no question that Chrome extensions can help. As the world’s most used browser, there is no shortage of extensions available that you can download and use. In fact, there are probably too many. That’s why lists like these can be critical to help cut through the noise. 

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