Trick Yourself into Being Productive When You’re Not Feeling It

Trick Yourself Into Being Productive Dog

We all have those days when it feels like getting out of bed equals the end of the world. You may be tempted to cuddle up in blankets even more and put Netflix on for hours on end, but that just won’t cut it. At the end of the day, you’d probably feel even more stressed and anxious. But what is there to do when it seems like there’s not one drop of productive juices left in your body? Well, you’re just not feeling it, it’s time to trick yourself into being productive. Read on to learn how.

Allow Yourself to Quit After Completing One Huge Task

Among a bunch of things you have to do for the day, there’s a high chance there will be one that’s a bit more important than the others, even if just a notch or two. The key is to force yourself to start your work with that one huge task. When you’re in a slump, starting is the most difficult part.

Trick Yourself Into Being Productive Work

Once this huge task is finished, you’ll probably feel the satisfaction of completing it so much that you may trick yourself into being more productive and feel ready to tackle the next task on your to-do list. However, even if you do decide to quit after completing this initial task, you will at least know that your day wasn’t a complete waste.

Make the Most Out of Distraction-Blocking Apps

There will be times when you can get yourself to sit in front of your computer, but what if the actual productivity problem starts right there? If you’re already low on energy and lack the will to put some effort into your work, it can be too easy to waste time on your computer by browsing social media and other fun websites.

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If this tends to be a big issue for you, don’t hesitate to cheat your way out of this productivity slump by installing some distraction-blocking apps. These work by either completely blocking certain websites (the ones that call for you to waste time the most often) or by limiting your time on them.

Focus First on a Fun Task

This might sound contrary to the first trick listed, but you know yourself the best, and if you’re the kind of person who gets most productive and motivated when having fun, utilize this trait of yours when in a slump.

Trick Yourself Into Being Productive Fun

For instance, if you work as a content writer and have several articles to work on for the day, pick one that seems the most interesting to you personally to start with. One of the most effective productivity tips talks about starting your day with the hardest task. But when you’re in a slump and simply don’t feel up to anything really, making the work fun for yourself is a great way to trick yourself into being productive.

Give Yourself a Custom Motivational Nudge

A pat on the back can be very effective, especially when it comes from you. Even though it may sound far-fetched, you can rediscover motivation even during those times when everything feels difficult and challenging. The trick here is to find what motivational practice works the best for you personally.

Trick Yourself Into Being Productive Dream

For instance, when I have a lot on my plate yet feel like I’d rather curl up in bed and pretend the world doesn’t exist, I like to play a game of pretend. I envision myself as this extremely important and busy businesswoman who is giving a motivational speech to other people. Also, I like to play with sigils. I’ll write down a sentence that’s meaningful to me at that moment, such as my dream, goal, and similar, and then make a sigil out of that sentence, usually on a post-it note that I can then put somewhere I can see while I work. True, I don’t really know what I’m doing, but the act itself is fun and inspirational to me.

When Everything Seems Useless, Go Outside

Spending too much time cooped up in a closed space can take quite a toll on you both physically and mentally. You might not even be aware of this, but when you lack sufficient outdoor time, you can start feeling sluggish and even feverish and experience muscle fatigue as well as headaches. Furthermore, your mood will naturally drop, making you feel low on energy and much-needed productivity and motivation.

Trick Yourself Into Being Productive Walk

A nice walk can help fix all that. That said, when you feel like your slump is getting to an extreme, take the time to go outside and walk for about half an hour. Moving your body in fresh air has magic-like power to restore your energy as well as clear up your mind.

Not feeling like getting stuff done is something we all experience from time to time. This is important to remember, as you should never beat yourself up over it and potentially worsen your unproductive condition even more. After all, you might be dealing with a brain overload that also has to be addressed properly. Put your disappointment behind you and trick yourself into being productive instead.

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