How to Multitask Work and Fitness with an Under-the-Desk Fitness Trainer

No matter where you are across the world, you’re most likely dealing with an all-new way of looking at life in light of a global pandemic. Many are isolated in their homes, either by choice or government-ordered.

There are ways to combine your work life with your personal life while at home. Specifically, you can combine your desk work with your fitness routine with an under-the-desk fitness trainer. When you multitask work and fitness, you no longer have to carve out a separate time in your day to go to the gym.

Exploring Under-the-Desk Fitness Trainers

When you go to the gym, if you’re looking to work on your cardio, you’re most likely spending time on a treadmill, exercycle, or a stair-stepper/elliptical. These are big, stationary machines that take your body through a walking/running workout or one that simulates the motion of walking up stairs.

While you can certainly buy one of those machines for your home, you can also choose a much smaller version of those machines, specifically the stair-stepper/elliptical or the exercycle that can easily be stored away in your closet. They employ the same functions yet are smaller, portable, and can even fit under your desk so that you can be seated and doing desk work while you exercise.

I’ve actually had one of these for nearly 10 years. I don’t sit down at it, though; I use it while standing up. I won’t lie: standing on one can be hard to balance. The first time I used it I fell off backwards. I now work out next to a desk or counter so that I can balance myself if needed.

But I could easily use my elliptical sitting at a desk while I write and edit. Looking at the below options for these fitness trainers, it has me thirsting for a newer, better one than the one I have. The under-the-desk fitness trainers listed below all have plenty of great features to allow you to efficiently work and keep fit at the same time.

YOSUDA Under-Desk Bike-Pedal Exerciser

With the YOSUDA Under-Desk Bike-Pedal Exerciser, you can do arm exercises as well as leg exercises, but bear in mind you wouldn’t be able to work at your desk and user the machine on your arms. It includes a high-quality samarium cobalt magnet that makes it smoother and quieter, less of a bother to you (and your family) while you work as well as an easy-to-read monitor that tracks time, distance, speed, and calories.

Fitness Trainers Yosuda

You’ll get a low-impact workout as you dial in one of eight levels of resistance. It has four anti-slip rubber pads, which will aid in keeping your feet from falling off and interrupting you while you work. This benefit is not to be ignored, as my fitness trainer doesn’t have this, and my feet slip around. Additionally, it has an easy carry handle. This is necessary, as, at 22 pounds, it can seem a little awkward to carry so that you can put it away when you’re done.

ATIVAFIT Under-Desk Elliptical Bike

You’ll have your choice of forward or reverse action and either pedaling or running with the ATIVAFIT Under-Desk Elliptical Bike. The resistance knob allows you to easily set it to your own needs, and the built-in LCD monitor tracks time, count distances, calories, and total count.

Fitness Trainers Ativafit

The elliptical bike also has large anti-slip foot pedals that allow you to pedal as fast and as hard as you want. It works quietly with a brake-resistance mechanism that ensures smooth and quiet motion.

FitDesk Under-Desk Elliptical Bike

You’ll find the lowest pedal rotation height available on the FitDesk Under-Desk Elliptical Bike. At only eight inches, it can work with desks as low as 25 inches off the ground. Eight resistance levels are offered, and a balanced flywheel will keep you pedaling smoothly and quietly while you get your work done.

Fitness Trainers Fitdesk2

Where the FitDesk really shines, however, is with the foot-shifter that allows you to adjust the tension hands-free. You won’t have to stop your work to bend underneath the desk to change it. Additionally, it has a desk stand for the six-function display to again keep you from bending underneath your desk to check the time, calories, etc.

Vaunn Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser

The Vaunn Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser is for the budget-minded worker who is looking to multitask and keep moving. While being useful for keeping fit while you work out, it’s also billed as a physical therapy device to work your arms and legs. It is not meant for strenuous cardio exercise but will improve your circulation and tone your muscles.

Fitness Trainers Vaunn

Using the quick-release folding mechanism will fold it down instantly to a compact, lightweight size, making it easy to store or even take with you. Despite being budget, it still features a multi-functional digital LCD monitor showing time, revolution count, revolution per minute, and calories burned.

Cubii Pro Seated Under-Desk Elliptical

If you want to involve your fitness tracker, the Cubii Pro Under-Desk Elliptical is the fitness trainer you’ll want. But you’ll pay for that option to sync with your Fitbit or Apple HealthKit, as it costs a few hundred dollars more than the other fitness trainers. It will sync your steps, distance, and calories with iPhone and Android phones as well.

Fitness Trackers Cubii

The Cubii Pro is optimized for seated use and isn’t meant to be used while standing, but the low-step revolution makes it easier to use underneath your desk. It’s billed as the quietest home elliptical.

These five under-the-desk fitness trainers will all get the job done, whether you’re spending $50 or $350. Each of them will allow you to multitask and burn calories, get fit, and build muscle while you sit at your desk. You won’t need to decide at the end of your workday if you should work in some fitness time into your busy schedule. You’ll have already done it, meaning you can just relax the rest of the day.

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