The Power of Music and Its Effect on Your Brain

The Power Of Music Record

We have already discussed scientifically-proven music that increases productivity. We explained that listening to music releases dopamine, which is essentially a happy hormone. Therefore, it’s safe to say that music affects the human brain – but it also does so in more ways than just hormonally. Check out the effect of music on your brain.

For instance, true productivity depends on many different factors, such as a good mood, self-contentment, etc. There are also creative spurs, positive thinking, and all other mindful concepts that make one’s well-being. Interestingly, we can recognize the power of music through all of those.

Boost Creativity via Happy Tunes

The Power Of Music Happy

Playing typically happy music seems to have the power to enhance a positive mood, which is also linked to creative behavior. According to the PLOS One study, happy tunes promote so-called divergent thinking, which, essentially, increases your ability to think outside of the box.

Turn Your Decisiveness into Productivity

The Power Of Music Work

Even though you may be unaware of this, there’s been much research done in the field of music and workplace productivity. For instance, Teresa Lesiuk, a renowned music psychologist, has carried out a study that showed that playing music that improves your mood while you work seems to consequently diminish distractions and increases your ability to make quick yet solid decisions. As a result, tasks get completed faster and more efficiently.

Improve Focus with Your Favorite Songs

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In the end, the music genre doesn’t mean much – the important thing is that you love the music you’re listening to. A radiology professor and researcher, Jonathan Burdette, has observed via fMRI scan that people who listen to music they like, regardless of the genre, show stronger brain connectivity that involves self awareness and better focus.

Remain Alert Through a Routine

The Power Of Music Surgery

Have you ever wondered why there’s often music playing during surgeries? Aside from the aforementioned focus improvement, a 1994 Journal of the American Medical Association study found that listening to music during surgery also improves surgeons’ engagement when it comes to routine procedures. Of course, this practice works for all routine tasks that require a certain level of alertness, not just surgeries.

Introverts and Extroverts React Differently

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The exact effect of music on your brain will highly depend on whether you are an extrovert or an introvert. While introverts note improved productivity and better performance while listening to low-arousal music as opposed to high-arousal, extroverts seem to thrive on upbeat tunes and even background noise.

Play Some Tunes Between Tasks

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If, for whatever reason, you simply cannot play music while you’re actively working on a certain task, you can still benefit from it if you play some tunes about 10 to 15 minutes before you begin your work. According to Daniel Levitin, a cognitive neuroscientist, listening to music that you like before work may be the key to efficiency and productivity for people who don’t deal with background music during work all that well. Even playing some tunes between the tasks should be more than enough to boost focus and mood.

Music in Commercials Is Deliberate

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As found in 2015 Nielsen research, commercials that feature music tend to be considerably more effective compared to those that don’t play any tunes. The whole spiel involves the intricate connection between emotion and information that commercials can trigger, especially when they use popular, often nostalgic, and generally happy music numbers.

Slower Tunes Induce Shopping

The Power Of Music Shopping

When we talk about the power of music and its effect on your brain, it’s impossible not to mention its crucial role in consumerism. Psychology Today revealed decades ago that slow-paced songs tend to inspire shoppers to roam around more and take their time browsing compared to fast-paced tunes. Further studies examined the music in regard to minor vs. major key, discovering that people seem to shop more when the songs that are playing at the store are in a minor key.

If you haven’t tried listening to music while you work or manage some creative pursuits, now may be a great time to experiment with it. Learn how to choose the best focus music to improve productivity and enjoy the burst of positivity at the same time.  

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