6 Approaches to Get Motivated When You are Down

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We constantly talk about having motivation or feeling motivated on occasion and try to utilize that feeling, but a lack of motivation tends to be a product of other actions and not just a random, magical sense that visits us from time to time. Instead of talking about motivation as something that comes on its own, it may be high time to start viewing it as part of us and something we can create. It’s only natural to experience situations when you’re uninspired and down, but it’s precisely those moments when you should act in order to get motivated and start working. Don’t become a victim of your own mind!

1. Take Responsibility for Your Own Choices

There’s this rather comforting yet very dangerous self-defense mechanism, and it’s the need to blame. When something doesn’t go the way you want, the easiest thing to do is blame it on your situation, work environment, other people in your surroundings, or even yourself. But where can this blame take us if not further down the road of unproductive and self-loathing behavior?

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When it comes to rediscovering your motivation and power to recuperate, it’s all about the attitude. Instead of wasting time and energy trying to administer the blame, true success will come from taking a stand. Just like your ability to take responsibility, motivation is a choice. And you have the power and control to make your own choices, regardless of the situation – especially when things aren’t great and you need to move in order to fix them.

2. Open Yourself to New Things and the Risk of Mistakes

Another dangerous mechanism that we all seem to run to is the notorious comfort zone. Without trying something new, there’s no risk of failing or making mistakes. But there’s also no room for improvement or making motivation a part of your daily life.

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Yet, mistakes are a normal and beneficial part of every growth, both personal and professional. We had to make many mistakes before we could learn how to walk as well. It’s the same with new knowledge and opportunities. Not being great at something from the moment you try it is perfectly normal. It’s those mistakes that we can utilize for further improvement and growth, almost like the wind at our back.

It’s time to stop hiding behind the fear of mistakes, from doing anything new, and the comfort zone of the status quo.

3. Set Your Goals Carefully and Practically

You can’t get motivated without having a goal in sight. While we all love to set goals for ourselves, setting goals that will keep us motivated is of the utmost importance. If the goal doesn’t motivate you at all, then it is probably not worth pursuing. It’s important that you clearly differentiate between your dreams and goals and that you also take the time to assess your end goals and means goals.

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Without adequate milestones, your motivation (if there is any) will remain just a random feeling. However, when you have your means goals in place and look forward to them constantly, your motivation will steadily grow. Additionally, you’ll also get the satisfaction from seeing your effort paying off, which is the main motivation fuel.

4. Vent and Complain – but Back It Up with a Solution

Venting and complaining from time to time is healthy. What’s more, it can keep you accountable, especially when you share your frustrations with people who are positive and know how to provide you with good advice and hope.

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However, when you constantly vent and complain without even trying to do anything, you can bid farewell to your motivation and possibly even people who will listen to you and offer their help.

Keep in mind that verbalizing your problems is only efficient when you have a solution. Leaving it at the stage of verbalization can soon turn into a self-made trap of unproductivity and hopelessness.

5. Embrace Realism with a Healthy Dose of Optimism

How can you get motivated if you constantly find faults in your life? A pessimistic outlook is never a good one for any situation if you’re hoping to grow and improve. Of course, being relentlessly optimistic is not the ideal attitude either.

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What does work, however, is maintaining a realistic approach to life and work with a healthy dose of optimism and positive thinking. Accept your current situation as it is – not something considerably worse – but definitely something that can be improved upon in the future.

6. Empathy Can Pave the Road to Motivation

When all seems to fail, and you still feel unmotivated, you can always shift your attention to the people around you. Chances are they, too, need a helpful and encouraging nudge to get out of their own rut.

Make Motivation Work For You Empathy

Empathy is a powerful motivator itself. For starters, you get to escape your own mind for a while and understand the perspective and situation of other people. A repeated experience like that will also open many new mind doors for you, allowing you to approach your own issues and lack of motivation in a more positive and empathetic way.  

Even though it’s true that we’re affected by external influences, motivation is internal, and it always will be. You hold the key to release it fully. Once you get motivated, if you’re up for some extra mood boosters, check out our favorite motivational quotes to get you going

Tanja Trkulja

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