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Best Virtual World Games Gaming

Virtual world games are definitely some of the most popular types of video games today. After all, they do provide an exceptional experience of immersing oneself in a fictional realm that provides many different activities and opportunities for the players that obviously don’t exist in real life.

Essentially, true fun comes from the creative expression and escapism that are always more prominent features in virtual world games as opposed to the typical story-led ones. With so many game worlds to choose from, we have taken it upon ourselves to list the best virtual world games and categorize them accordingly.

Best Escape Virtual World: Linden Lab Second Life

Even though it’s been around for about 14 years now, Second Life is still considered one of the most popular virtual world games today. The game allows its players to live their life inside the game however they want it.

Best Virtual World Games Second Life

The interactivity of the game is amazing; it makes it easy to create your own character and go on to do whatever it is that you’ve imagined, from engaging in entertaining events to running a virtual business.

Players can connect and communicate with each other, regardless of where they are located in the world and join parties, groups, and more in order to get the full benefits of Second Life’s virtual world immersion.


  • Great level of socialization
  • Most effective escapism from reality
  • Allows for starting a virtual business that can make real money


  • Requires a lot of playtime to reach satisfying goals
  • The game is targeted towards adults only

Best Cartoon Virtual World: Toontown Rewritten

Toontown Rewritten is a virtual world game made for kids (and everyone else who feels like one). This virtual playground is a free-to-play version of Disney’s Toontown Online.

Best Virtual World Games Toontown

Essentially, the game allows the players to live their life inside of it as a cartoon. As such, the game provides great animation and imaginative elements. For instance, players can choose to be any kind of cartoon they want, even cute and all dressed-up animal species.

There’s a main storyline within the game, but the gameplay is definitely not limited to it thanks to a plethora of different activities that players can engage in along the way.


  • The game is appropriate for children
  • Animations are fun and vibrant
  • In-game humor


  • Adults may not enjoy this game as much
  • It lacks mobile support

Best Fantasy Virtual World: Bethesda the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is considered to be one of the best and most popular role-playing games that provides the perfect fantasy-inspired escape from real life. It may not be too focused on creating an actual new life inside the game but the game still features one of the most immersive open-world settings today.

Best Virtual World Games Skyrim

Players can choose their character and build it as they go. There are plenty of characters to interact with as well as activities to engage in, from taking different quests, partaking in wars, fighting dragons, and more.

One can follow the main storyline to save the world from the dragons, but side quests are simply too fun to miss out and they provide great opportunities for building the character persona and its abilities.


  • The plot is extremely well-written and creative
  • The world provides great interactivity
  • The role-playing aspect is well-developed and very detailed


  • The game is not as open-ended as some other virtual worlds
  • Controls can be picky at times

Best Graphics Virtual World: IMVU 3D Avatar Creator & Chat

IMVU is all about creating a new life inside the game, which is precisely why the graphics and physics of the game are so realistic. Players can create their avatars and rooms with more than 30 million different items from the virtual catalogs!

Best Virtual World Games Imvu

All newbie players start with a basic apartment but as they earn in-game credits, they get to customize it however they want. There are plenty of games to play within IMVU as well as other activities such as visiting various locations in the virtual world that allows one to meet and chat with other players.


  • Very realistic graphics
  • An amazing number of options within the virtual catalog
  • Ability to create your own catalog goods and sell them


  • The gameplay can turn a bit shallow
  • It’s not really a game that’s appropriate for kids

Best Virtual World Overall: Mojang Minecraft

When it comes to the virtual world game that’s perfect for both kids and adults, Minecraft is the obvious answer. After all, the game’s virtual world provides endless possibilities in terms of creativity and activity.

Best Virtual World Games Minecraft

This open-world is available to play online and offline as well as a single-player or a guild. It’s also available across multiple platforms.

Minecraft allows the players to explore its world, such as forests, mountains, seas, and more, and even manipulate them to match their game preference. There’s a survival mode at “night” when players have to fend off the enemies thanks to the tools and resources they’ve gathered during the “day”. What’s more, players can literally build anything and everything that their imagination inspires them to.


  • Many possibilities thanks to the sandbox approach
  • Very easy to understand core mechanics
  • Crafting depth


  • Some players might not like the “aimless” feel of the game
  • Different game versions need to be purchased separately

Do you have your favorite virtual world game? How many hours of your day do you usually spend inside the game? Virtual worlds are extremely fun but remember to live your life fully in the real world as well!

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